Amethyst and Jasper, the Birthstones for February

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Discover the Enchanting Birthstones of February: Amethyst and Jasper

February-born gems, unite! Whether you’re basking in the innovative spirit of Aquarius or swimming in the depths of Pisces, February cradles you with not one, but two mesmerizing birthstones: Amethyst and Jasper. These stones aren’t just ornamental; they’re steeped in healing virtues and brimming with positive vibes. February stands out with its dual gems, each a beacon of both modern charm and timeless tradition.

Dive into the rich tapestry of lore, symbolism, and the unique qualities that make Amethyst and Jasper not just gemstones, but treasures of February.

Combined Isolated Amethyst Jasper Loose Gemstones February Birthstone Feature

Why Does February Have Two Birthstones?

Ever wondered why February is graced with not one, but two enchanting birthstones? The mystique of February is illuminated by the vibrant Amethyst and the earthy Jasper, each with a rich historical tapestry that has woven them into the heart of this month. Unlike other months, which may lay claim to a singular gem or even a trio, February boasts a unique duo of gemstones that reflect both traditional and modern sensibilities.

The concept of birthstones varies, with some months showcasing a single gem, while others celebrate with two or even three. This diversity stems from the distinction between modern and traditional birthstones. In the mid-20th century, the Jewelers of America crystallized the list of modern birthstones, offering a fresh twist on ancient traditions. These modern gems stand in contrast to the traditional birthstones, which trace their lineage back to the early 20th century and beyond, deeply rooted in history and sometimes becoming so rare they’re almost mythical in today’s market.

However, February’s gems stand unswayed by the passage of time. Amethyst, with its regal purple hue, remains February’s cornerstone, cherished in both its traditional and modern forms. Meanwhile, Jasper, a newer addition growing in popularity, offers an alternative with its earth-toned beauty and grounding properties. Together, they encapsulate the spirit of February, marrying the old with the new in a harmonious blend of history, healing, and personal expression.

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The Alluring Amethyst: A Gem of Ancient Mystique

Features of Amethysts

Amethyst, February’s jewel, holds a place of distinction as both the modern and traditional birthstone of this month. Its name, steeped in the lore of Koine Greek—’amethystos’—whispers tales of ancient magic.

‘A-‘, meaning ‘not’, and ‘methysko’, ‘to intoxicate’, combine to reveal the stone’s legendary power: a safeguard against intoxication. This captivating belief, deeply rooted in cultural history, hints at the amethyst’s protective aura, which we’ll delve deeper into.

Beyond its mythical properties, the amethyst thrives in the realm of natural beauty as a variant of purple quartz, sharing the same family with the sunny citrine. What gives the amethyst its mesmerizing spectrum of violet? A ballet of trace elements, a touch of irradiation, and the subtle influence of iron impurities.

From the deepest, almost otherworldly purple to the gentlest pinkish violet, the amethyst showcases a range of hues that can shift enchantingly under different lights, sometimes appearing blue or red. But the amethyst’s allure doesn’t end with its color.

The intricate layers within a single stone can create a tapestry of shades, making each gem unique.

The art of cutting an amethyst is not merely about shaping the stone but capturing its essence, ensuring the vibrancy of its purple cloak is presented in full glory—whether it whispers of blue, sings of red, or hints at pink.

In the dance of light and color, the amethyst reveals its multifaceted beauty, inviting admirers to gaze deeper into its depths, where ancient stories and modern elegance converge.

Isolated Raw Uncut Amethyst Gemstone February Birthstone Feature
Isolated Loose Purple Amethyst February Birthstone Gemstone

The History and Symbolism of Amethysts

A Gem Without Borders: The Global Journey of Amethyst

Did you know that amethysts, in their regal splendor, grace every nook of our planet? Nestled within the quartz family, amethyst claims its place as a jewel born from the earth’s bounty, second only to quartz in its earthly abundance. From the heart of Africa to the vibrant lands of Brazil, the icy realms of Russia to the diverse terrains of Canada, South America, the United States, and Zambia, amethysts emerge, hidden within geodes and the secret pockets of granitic rocks. Historically, Russia reigned as the premier purveyor of amethyst until the 19th century when Brazil’s rich deposits unveiled a new era of abundance. Today, Africa and South America are celebrated as leading contributors to the amethyst’s global tapestry.

A Spectrum of Symbolism: The Amethyst Through Cultures

  • Rooted in its wine-hued brilliance, the amethyst’s very name conjures protection against intoxication, a nod to Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. This ancient lore suggests a stone capable of warding off the haze of excess, a talisman of sobriety and mindfulness.
  • In the realms of battle and commerce, the amethyst was revered for its power to maintain clarity and wit, a trusted ally in times of decision and action.
  • Empress Catherine II of Russia, ruling from 1729 to 1796, held a profound affection for this gem, adorning herself with amethyst necklaces, earrings, and decorative treasures, a testament to its enduring allure.
  • The Renaissance period held the belief that amethyst could temper the flames of passion, offering solace to lovers engulfed in the fervor of their affections.

As a stone commemorating the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries, the amethyst transcends its ornamental value, emerging as a cherished emblem of milestones. Whether in celebration of a February birth or an emblem of lasting commitment, the amethyst stands as a timeless gift of peace, clarity, and purification.

Restored Fine Jewelry Amethyst Gemstone Rings Necklace
Isolated Amethyst February Birthstone Restore Your Brilliance Gemstone Feature

The Art of Amethyst Care: Preserving Your Gem’s Radiance

Elegant Durability: Understanding Amethyst Hardness

Amethysts, with their captivating hues, rank a solid 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. While this score suggests they’re quite fit for everyday adoration, they do indeed tread a finer line of durability compared to the likes of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. This delicate balance makes them ideal for grace in the form of earrings, brooches, and pendants, where the risk of wear is minimized compared to the more exposed rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Yet, fear not—a regimen of professional care and timely polish can effortlessly restore their original luster.

A Matter of Scale: The Hardness Perspective

To appreciate the resilience of your amethyst, consider the hardness scale: Quartz, the amethyst’s kin, boasts a hardness of 7 to 7.5, lurking in the very dust that dances in sunlight and settles upon the untouched surfaces of your home. This seemingly innocuous dust can dull the sheen of a table or the gleam of a car, illustrating the stealthy wear our treasures face. At the pinnacle lies the diamond, with a hardness of 10, unparalleled in its fortitude, while at the softer end, talc invites scratches with but a fingernail’s graze. This hierarchy of hardness serves as a guide for the care of your amethysts—gems that demand mindful handling to preserve their enchanting beauty.

Close Up Shot of Raw Uncut Amethyst Gemstone February Birthstone

Cherishing Your Amethyst: A Guide to Gleaming Gemstones

To ensure your amethyst’s brilliance endures, a gentle cleanse with mild soap and lukewarm water, accompanied by the soft touch of a brush or cloth, is recommended. Steer clear of harsh chemicals, abrasives, and even everyday substances like lotion and sanitizer that could mar its splendor. While ultrasonic cleaners may offer a thorough cleanse, the intense heat of steam cleaning risks diminishing the gem’s vibrant color to a paler shadow of its former self.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the world of gemstone care, our professional services await, offering expert cleaning and polishing that promise to rekindle the inner fire of your amethysts. Explore our Gemstone Services and ensure your gems remain as captivating as the day they were cherished.

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Exploring the Varied World of Jaspers: February’s Vibrant Guardian

Features of Jaspers

Dive into the vibrant alternative to February’s birthstone with Jasper, a gem that carries the essence of the earth in its myriad hues.

The term “jasper” conjures images of a stone peppered with spots and speckles, a nod to its etymological roots in the Old French “jaspre” and Latin “iaspidem,” meaning “spotted or speckled stone.”

Fine Jewelry Jasper Gemstone Ring Isolated

Beyond merely being an alternate to the amethyst, Jasper is celebrated as the guardian angel rock for those born under the February sky. Sharing its quartz family lineage with amethyst, Jasper is a cryptocrystalline quartz marvel, its microscopic crystals tinted by nature’s palette, resulting in a stone that’s opaque, richly patterned, and solidly beautiful. The uniqueness of Jasper lies not just in its composition but in its profound connection to physical, chemical, and visual allure, making it a gemstone of significant value and diversity.

The jasper gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Jasper’s charm is in its variety, offering a palette that ranges from the deep, vital red of bloodstone to the zesty brightness of lemon and the serene depths of green. Its patterns are a testament to nature’s artistry, with varieties like poppy, orbicular, landscape, leopard-skin, and Picasso Jasper enchanting the eye and spirit.

Among its celebrated forms is the whimsical “Dalmatian Jasper,” named for its playful resemblance to the coat of the Dalmatian dog breed. While its unique appearance sets it apart, it’s more accurately termed “Dalmatian Stone,” due to its distinct characteristics from traditional Jasper.

Each piece of Jasper tells a story, a fragment of the earth’s creative expression, making it a perfect symbol of protection and beauty for February-born individuals seeking a connection to the natural world through their birthstone.

Isolated Jasper February Birthstone Restore Your Brilliance Gemstone Feature
Isolated Loose Red Jasper February Birthstone Gemstone Feature

The History and Symbolism of Jasper

Traversing the Glove: The Universal Appeal of Jasper

Spanning continents from the rugged landscapes of Australia to the ancient sands of Egypt, the vibrant markets of India to the steppes of Kazakhstan, Jasper reveals itself in a tapestry of locales as diverse as Madagascar, Russia, the United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela. This global gemstone, with its earthy beauty, transcends borders, embodying the universal language of healing and strength.

A Stone of Ancient Virtue and Healing Power

Jasper, revered across cultures for its deep healing virtues, stands as a beacon of courage, positive energy, and wisdom. Its legacy, woven through millennia, showcases its integral role in human history and spiritual journeys:

  • From the 4th and 5th millenniums, Jasper’s resilience was harnessed in bow drills, and by 1800 BC, it was esteemed for creating seals, marking its importance in early craftsmanship and communication.
  • Adored since antiquity, Jasper’s warm hues and protective qualities made it a cherished gemstone among ancient civilizations.
  • Within Christian symbolism, Jasper holds a place of hope and sanctity, revered as sacred to the Virgin Mary, offering a spiritual solace and connection.
  • As a stone of healing, Jasper is believed to dispel stress and negative energies, inviting a flow of positivity, focus, and clarity of thought.
  • Its reputed benefits extend to bolstering self-discipline, aiding those on the journey to overcome addictions by reinforcing willpower and inner strength.
  • Echoing the purifying qualities of Amethyst, Jasper is also believed to aid in detoxifying the body, contributing to physical well-being and vitality.

Marking the 42nd wedding anniversary, Jasper emerges as a symbol of enduring love, courage, and wisdom, making it an ideal token of celebration for milestones and February birthdays alike. In the realm of Jasper, each stone is not just a piece of the earth but a piece of history, offering healing and protection on life’s journey.

Restored Fine Jewelry Green Blue Jasper Gemstone Ring Isolated Feature Image
Restored Jasper Gemstone Jewelry Bracelet February Birthstone Feature Image

The Art of Jasper Preservation: Ensuring Lasting Beauty

Balancing Durability with Delicacy: The Jasper Way

Jaspers, with their earthy allure, rank between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes them resilient companions for daily wear, yet, like their quartz relatives, they hold a vulnerability to the wear and tear of life that surpasses that of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. This nuanced durability positions them as ideal candidates for earrings, brooches, and pendants—jewelry less exposed to the rigors of daily activities, unlike rings, necklaces, and bracelets which, similar to amethysts, face the frontline of wear.

Cautious Adornment: A Note for Gemstone Aficionados

Echoing the care needed for amethyst and garnet treasures, Jasper pieces invite a mindful touch. These gems, imbued with the earth’s energy, call for attentive care to maintain their sparkle and integrity.

Close Up of Jasper Gemstone Texture February Birthstone

Gentle Care for Lasting Splendor

To ensure your Jasper’s vibrancy endures, embrace a gentle cleansing ritual: a bath of mild soap and warm water, accompanied by the soft caress of a cloth. Steer clear of harsh chemicals, bleaches, and abrasive cleaners that mar the gem’s natural beauty, including everyday substances like lotions and sanitizers. Extreme heat and abrupt temperature shifts are adversaries of Jasper, potentially birthing internal fractures. Moreover, the vigorous methods of ultrasonic and steam cleaning are best avoided, preserving the gemstone’s internal harmony.

Offering meticulous cleaning and polishing, we invite you to explore how our expertise can breathe new life into your cherished Jaspers. Visit our Gemstone Services for a journey into preservation excellence, ensuring your gemstones remain as captivating as the day they were embraced.

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Revive the Sparkle: Bring Your Amethyst and Jasper Back to Life

Rekindling Sentimental Bonds with Gemstone Restoration

Is there a cherished piece of jewelry, a testament to love or legacy, that’s lost its glimmer? Imagine restoring the soul of that treasured piece, reawakening the memories etched within its facets. You’ve discovered the sanctuary for breathing life back into precious memories.

Gemstones are the heartbeats of jewelry, radiating life and capturing eyes with their brilliance. Yet, they bear the brunt of life’s moments, susceptible to the scars of wear—be it a dislodged amethyst, a missing jasper, or the faint scratches of time. We, however, embrace the mission of reviving your cherished pieces with the utmost gravity. No matter the gem, no matter the damage, we vow to return your jewelry to its original state of enchantment.

Expertise at Your Service: Custom Gemstone Sourcing

Our dedicated team of specialists stands ready, equipped with the knowledge and resources to meticulously source the perfect gem for your piece. We recognize the unique spirit of your gemstones, understanding that each requires a tailored approach to match its distinctiveness. Our Professional Stone Sourcing team is committed to ensuring that every gemstone, especially those rare and overlooked, is replaced with one that meets, if not exceeds, the original’s luster and quality.

Visit our Gemstone Replacement Services page to learn more about restoring the brilliance of your Amethyst or Jasper.

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What is My Birthstone?
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“If you were born in February, your month’s birthstones are Amethysts and Jaspers.

If you didn’t already know, there are some months that have multiple birthstones, whereas some only have one. Traditional birthstones are gemstones that were most commonly associated with its respective month in the early 20th century and even beyond, with Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers associating these gemstones with the star signs. Those that are more commonly known in this day and age are the modern birthstones, which were officially named by the Jewelers of America in the 1950’s.

If you would like to learn more about birthstones in general, visit our Ultimate Birthstone Guide!

Where Can I Get Clean & Polishing Services For My Amethyst or Jasper Birthstone?
Clean & Polish Services
“A basic clean, polish, and inspection is part of the routine care and maintenance needed to keep your jewelry looking like new. The inspection process includes looking for loose stones, bent prongs, and any damage to the metal or stones that need to be repaired.”
How Can I Repair My Birthstone's Setting?
Stone Setting Repair
“A stone setting repair can be a simple re-tipping of a worn prong (which is considered routine care and maintenance) or the complete rebuilding/replacing of a damaged prong. In the case of severe damage, the entire head of the ring may need to be replaced.

Regardless of whether or not the prongs are compromised due to normal wear and tear or a result of accidental damage, we can provide the routine care and maintenance in order to ensure you do not lose a stone in your setting.”

Where Can I Get a Gemstone Replacement?
Gemstone Replacement Services
“The process of a Gemstone Replacement is simple enough, yet requires trained eyes to be able to make a flawless switch. We aim to leave no trace of our work, which means not only will your setting be perfected, but the gemstone we choose will complete your jewelry piece effortlessly.”

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