Before & After #156 – Best of 2023

A Special Edition of Our Before & After Series

In this Before & After Series spotlights, we’re showcasing our top 5 most breathtaking jewelry and watch transformations of 2023. Admire some of the best transformations our Master Craftsmen have done that captivated us all! 

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2023: A Year in Review – Celebrating Our Most Spectacular Transformations

Before & After #156 Showing both watch and jewelry features from 2023 Repair Transformations

As we bid farewell to an astounding year of remarkable repair transformations, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has journeyed with us, avidly following each feature throughout 2023.

This year marks a significant milestone, with a total of 156 captivating highlights in our ‘Before & After’ blog series. Our journey began with sharing these stunning transformations on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The inception of this blog was a pivotal moment, as we curated our most impressive repairs in our inaugural post.

Now, with countless awe-inspiring repair stories behind us, it’s time to spotlight the crème de la crème of 2023 – showcasing the most extraordinary jewelry and watch transformations that defined our year. Join us as we celebrate these masterpieces and the stories behind them!

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#5 – A Cascade of Subtle Necklace Transformations

Before & After #147 10k Gold Necklace Chain with Heart Locket Pendant

Our first featured repair is a gold heart-pendant necklace that underwent a series of custom modifications. This piece required not only a chain replacement but also a sentimental engraving, resulting in a succession of delicate and intricate transformations.

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#4 – A Vintage Square Bulova Watch Dial Restoration

Before & After #150 Vintage Square Bulova Dial Transformation from Premier Watch Dial Restoration Services

This standout watch repair showcases a visually striking dial refinishing. We’re excited to highlight the meticulous restoration of a Vintage Square Bulova dial, masterfully executed by Kirk Rich Dial Co. The transformation offers a stunning before-and-after comparison, beautifully illustrating the artistry involved in the process.

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#3 – Restoring An Engagement And Wedding Ring Set

Before & After #143 of a Complete Restoration of a Cut White Gold Wedding & Engagement Diamond Ring Set Missing Its Center Stone

Our next featured repair is a white gold diamond ring set that presented a unique challenge. Originally soldered together, the rings needed to be carefully separated for accurate resizing. Thanks to the skillful craftsmanship of our Master Jewelers, the final result was seamless, leaving no trace of the alteration in the finished piece.

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#2 – Restoring the Brilliance of this Symbol of Love

Before & After #145 Heart-Shaped Necklace Pendant Restored by Premier Gemstone Replacement Services

We had the privilege of repairing a cherished charm pendant containing the ashes of the owner’s father, stored in a small compartment at the back. Honoring his memory, the owner requested a replacement gemstone with an Aquamarine, his birthstone, adding a deeply personal touch to the piece.

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#1 – Complete Vintage Cartier Watch Restoration

Before & After #154 Vintage Cartier Timepiece Restored by Professional Dial Refinishing Premier Watch Servicing for Quartz Movements

This special restoration, a collaboration with Kirk Rich Dial Co., showcases the visually stunning refurbishment of a Vintage Cartier Watch, returning it to its pristine condition. Documenting the entire process of movement restoration and dial refinishing, this project exemplifies the exceptional artistry and attention to detail that define our restorations.

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Honorable Mentions

That’s All Folks!

Thank you for joining us in revisiting the Top 5 highlights from our 2023 Before and After Series! Stay tuned, as we’re excited to unveil many more spectacular transformations in the near future.

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Before & After #156

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